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Across the Inland-Ice Across the Inland-Ice


Autumn Richardson

148 x 210mm

Date of publication: December 2013

Production Details:

Saddle-stitched pamphlet

Across the Inland-Ice is a beautiful and poignant sequence of found-poems assembled from the notes of ethnologist Knud Rasmussen, written during a voyage charting a little-known area of the far north-eastern coast of Greenland, from April - September 1917. Some of Rasmussen's journals were afterwards edited by himself, and published as 'Greenland by the Polar Sea' in 1921. During this expedition he and six others traversed a vast landscape, by foot and by sledge, travelling more than a 1000 kilometres. A large portion of their journey was spent crossing the perilous and desolate 'inland-ice', an earlier term for the Greenland Ice Sheet. Sadly two of the party - Dr. Thorild Wulff and Hendrik Olsen - lost their lives on the return journey. Every dog they brought with them also perished.


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