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A List of Probable Flora A List of Probable Flora


A Richardson & R Skelton

148 x 210mm

Date of publication: September 2013

Production Details:

230gsm uncoated cover
120gsm uncoated interior

The original List of Probable Grasses was published in 2011, in the pamphlet Wolf Notes - a sequence of poems and texts for the upland landscape surrounding Devoke Water, above Ulpha, in south-west Cumbria, UK. The word 'probable' is key - it was speculative, being derived not from the artists' own field work, but from texts such as Gaston Bonner's British Flora, which includes references to various kinds of habitat amongst its classifications.

For A List of Probable Flora, the survey has expanded to encompass species other than grasses, and the artists have turned to A Flora of Cumbria, a 1997 compendium produced from extensive field work in the county. The list provided here can therefore be thought of as less tentative than the first, and more representative of the region's biodiversity.

Out of print.

A List of Probable Flora is now reprinted in the anthology Memorious Earth.