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Become a Ford Become a Ford Become a Ford Become a Ford Become a Ford


Richard Skelton

120 x 210mm

Date of publication: June 2013

Production Details:

425gsm aquarelle print & impressum card
265gsm bamboo paper tri-fold cover
105gsm bamboo paper interior
Edition of 11

A continuation of Limnology - 38 'ings' found in dictionary definitions of water-words, arranged in a grid and used as the source of a new text work.

Become a Ford comprises an 11-page text, published as a pamphlet in an edition of eleven, each accompanied by a unique 148 x 210mm print in the form of a page from the text itself, printed on 425gsm aquarelle card, signed and numbered.

Become a Ford is the inaugural publication of a new imprint, ARTIST'S EDITIONS - extremely limited pressings of work using the finest available materials, and accompanied by one-of-a-kind prints, media or objects.

Given the limited nature of these editions, a separate mailing list will be maintained. To receive updates, please email:

49.99 {+ shipping/handling}

Out of print.