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Anthology Series

Date of publication: January-June 2017

Call for Work

In 2017, Corbel Stone Press will publish a series of small, limited edition pamphlets that explore our relationship with the natural world. We are seeking the finest contemporary nature poetry that specifically engages with the following themes: language, myth, the sacred, sentience, death, and regeneration.

Each booklet will be dedicated to an individual theme, and will have its own submission window, as below:

» 1. Nature and Language
  Publication date: January
  Submission window: 22nd Nov - 30th Dec, 2016
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» 2. Nature and Myth
  Publication date: February
  Submission window: 22nd Dec - 30th Jan, 2017
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» 3. Nature and the Sacred
  Publication date: March
  Submission window: 22nd Jan - 28th Feb, 2017
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» 4. Nature and Sentience
  Publication date: April
  Submission window: 22nd Feb - 30th Mar, 2017

» 5. Nature and Death
  Publication date: May
  Submission window: 22nd Mar - 30th Apr, 2017
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» 6. Nature and Regeneration
  Publication date: June
  Submission window: 22nd Apr - 30th May, 2017
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We encourage poets to familiarise themselves with the kind of work we publish before submitting. Our annual journal, Reliquiae, features many contemporary poets whose work we admire.

General Rules

1. We are looking for new, previously unpublished poetry written primarily in the English language.
2. Due to the small format and page count of each pamphlet, we are ideally looking for relatively short works (i.e. 25 lines or less).
3. All written work will be set in the same typeface. Please use 12pt Times New Roman in your submission.
4. For visual poetry / asemic writing, please send a low resolution jpeg in the first instance.
5. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.
6. Please submit a maximum of five poems.
7. Each pamphlet will be published in a limited edition of 100 copies, and each contributor will receive three complimentary copies.

For enquiries, please contact: corbelstonepress [at]