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Nature & Myth

Saddle-stitched booklet

Unnumbered edition of 100

Date of publication: February 2017

'Tell me, O Swan, your ancient tale.
From what land do you come, O Swan? to what shore will you fly?
Where would you take your rest, O Swan, and what do you seek?'

( Kabīr)

Nature and Myth is the second in the 2017 Contemporary Poetry Series from Corbel Stone Press. It gathers together vivid new writing from seventeen poets on mythic themes, including constellations, blackness and light; mountains, glaciers, and 'helling canyons'; world-carrying turtles, bonobos, sky and river deities:

Christine Bettis (USA)
Hanne Busck-Nielsen (DNK)
Mary Chesshyre (GBR)
Miranda Cichy (GBR)
Logan February (NGA)
Adam Flint (GBR)
Wendy Heath (USA)
JD Howse (GBR)
Helen Moore (GBR)
Peter O'Leary (USA)
Susan Richardson (GBR)
James Roberts (GBR)
Michelle Rosquillo (PHL/USA)
Nathaniel Tarn (USA)
Christopher John Thornhill (GBR)
GC Waldrep (USA)
Brendan Walsh (USA)

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