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Flowers of Abeyance Flowers of Abeyance Flowers of Abeyance



Date of publication: December 2013

Booklet Edition

148 x 210mm booklet
Edition of 250

Flowers of Abeyance is a series of eleven glass plate photograms produced by the contemporary artist known as Flowerville. These exquisitely beautiful artefacts are a form of cameraless photography, in which the object of attention is exposed directly to the light-sensitive material, without mediation from a focussing device. In the hands of Flowerville, the result is an incredibly pure and intimate portrait of the natural world.

Originally produced in an Artist's Edition, Flowers of Abeyance is now available as a standalone booklet, with all eleven photograms reproduced front and back on heavyweight paper, in order to properly convey the physicality of the glass plate medium.


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