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Heart of Winter Heart of Winter Heart of Winter Heart of Winter Heart of Winter Heart of Winter Heart of Winter


Autumn Richardson

120 x 210mm
20pp / 20pp

Date of publication: December 2013

Production Details:

2 x handsewn pamphlets
265gsm bamboo paper tri-fold cover
105gsm bamboo paper interior
8 x 425gsm aquarelle prints & impressum card
265gsm bamboo paper thread-tied 'AE' folder
Frayed silk enclosure
1.5ml glass phial of lichen
Unique, signed poem-card
Edition of 8

Heart of Winter is the new offering from Autumn Richardson, comprising two beautiful and poignant sequences of found-poems entitled Across the Inland-Ice and The Last Diary Entries of Dr. Thorild Wulff.

These poems are assembled from the notes written by ethnologist Knud Rasmussen and botanist Dr. Thorild Wulff during their travels charting a little-known area of the far north-eastern coast of Greenland from April - September 1917. Some of Rasmussen's journals were afterwards edited by himself, and published as 'Greenland by the Polar Sea' in 1921. During this expedition they traversed a vast landscape, by foot and by sledge, travelling more than a 1000 kilometres. A large portion of their journey was spent crossing the perilous and desolate 'inland-ice', an earlier term for the Greenland Ice Sheet. Dr. Wulff sadly lost his life on the return journey, as did one other member of the expedition, Henrik Olsen. Every dog they brought with them also perished.

Heart of Winter is the third publication of the ARTIST'S EDITIONS imprint - extremely limited pressings of work using the finest available materials, and accompanied by one-of-a-kind prints, media or objects.

In addition to the two poetry pamphlets, Heart of Winter includes an exquisite series of 8 x A5 photographic prints reproduced from 'Greenland by the Polar Sea', presented on heavyweight aquarelle paper and accompanied by a unique, signed poem card and a small glass phial of lichen. The pamphlets are wrapped in a frayed silk enclosure, and the edition is completed with a handmade, thread-tied folder.

Heart of Winter is published in an edition of 8, with each copy of Across the Inland-Ice dedicated to a member of the expedition party (and a final copy dedicated to the sled dogs and wild animals who sacrificed their lives), and each copy of The Last Diary Entries of Dr. Thorild Wulff dedicated to one of the plant species mentioned in Wulff's diary.

To see some photographs of the edition, please visit the dedicated Artist's Editions website.


The Artist's Edition of Heart of Winter is now sold out.

However, Across the Inland-Ice is also available as a standalone, saddle-stitched A5 pamphlet, released on December the 21st.


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