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Ritual Incense


Autumn Richardson

Cork-topped glass jar
Requires burning charcoal

Hearth : A base of Frankincense and Myrrh resins, hand-mixed with a special blend of aromatic spices and essential oils, chosen for their warming, radiant properties. The element of Fire.

Sanctity : A blend of resins, herbs and essential oils chosen for their purifying and clarifying properties. For clearing both space and the mind. The element of Air.

Three Trees : Oak bark, birch leaf and white willow, blended in a base of Frankincense and essential oils. Cleansing and strengthening. The element of Earth.

Wolf Notes : A collection of birch leaves, wild grasses, yarrow and resins, specially prepared in tribute to the upland region of Ulpha in Cumbria, northern England. The element of Earth.

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