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NRGCA Supplement One NRGCA Supplement One


Haining Stones


148 x 210mm

Date of publication: March 2016

Production Details:

300gsm uncoated cover
170gsm uncoated interior
Edition of 25

Supplement One : Haining Stones is the first booklet in a new series of publications from the Notional Research Group for Cultural Artefacts.

Supplement One is a singular study of the previously undocumented ritual objects called 'haining stones', thought to be connected to 'dobby stones' and the genii locorum of vaccaries and sheep farms. The rituals surrounding these mysterious devices are obscure, but thanks to the insight of Peter Hill, the NRGCA have been able to provide a speculative reconstruction of their usage. It can therefore be seen that they belong to a family of magical procurement artefacts that incorporate certain fertility rituals and animist beliefs, some of which endured well into the Christian epoch.

The NRGCA is dedicated to exploring alternate beliefs, traditions and folklore surrounding conventional objects. Their previous work has presented parallel interpretations of artefacts held in the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry, Cumbria, connecting farm implements with animal worship among late-Medieval 'plague cults', including an esoteric St. Bega tradition in which her armilla is reimagined as an animal collar, and her cult aligned with that of the Irish saint, Ciarán mac Luaigne.

Supplement One is published in a beautiful handsewn and numbered edition of 25, and is exclusively available via Corbel Stone Press.

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