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Quoin 2 Quoin 2


148 x 210mm

Date of publication: Dec 2016

Production Details:

325gsm uncoated cover
120gsm uncoated interior

Quoin is the annual publication for friends and patrons of Corbel Stone Press. Each issue is available only through a 'Friend' or 'Patron' subscription - an annual donation which helps support our work.

Quoin 2 features On Sacred Fires by the 19th-century antiquarian W. K. Kelly. An excerpt from his book-length discussion of the traditions and folklore of Indo-European peoples, this fascinating essay traces the origins of Christian fire rituals through their 'pagan' antecedents (including 'Bealtine' and 'Tein Econuch' or 'Forlorn Fire') to the fire symbolism of Vedic hymns and scriptures. In doing so, Kelly makes mention of three kinds of fires: bonfires, processionals and 'blazing wheels' - the last of which connects the mysterious, apotropaic ritual known as the 'needfire' with the ancient 'wheel' symbolism of solar deities.

In addition to Quoin, friends and patrons also receive a collection of printed ephemera produced within the previous year. Patrons also receive a signed printed work created especially for them.

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