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Various Authors

ISSN: 2398-7359
Royal 8vo
Softcover w/ flaps

Date of publication: November 2017


Heidi Bailey
Tim Bowling
the Dhammapada
Don Domanski
Rowan Evans
Gaelic folklore
Mark Goodwin
Whit Griffin
Haida mythology
J.D. Howse
Walter K. Kelly
Koryak mythology
Steffi Lang
D.H. Lawrence
Karen Lloyd
Amy Lowell
Mesopotamian mythology
Navaho mythology
Polynesian mythology
Autumn Richardson
Lola Ridge
Penelope Shuttle
ZoŽ Skoulding
John Steffler
Nathaniel Tarn
Mark Valentine

Reliquiś is an annual journal of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, translations and visual art, edited by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton. Each issue collects together both old and new work from a diverse range of writers and artists with common interests spanning landscape, ecology, folklore, esoteric philosophy and animism.

New work:

Heidi Bailey two poems on life and death in foxes, and in the intertidal zone. Don Domanski a visionary poem on the 'divine presence' of rain and the world of 'soft light and slow sleep'. Rowan Evans excerpts from Wulf, an adaptation of the enigmatic Anglo-Saxon poem, Wulf and Eadwacer. Mark Goodwin two poems on mountains, ice, and the voices of slate. Whit Griffin an excerpt from the ongoing mytho-historical poem, The Universal Lyre J.D. Howse a mythopoeic exploration of the landscape around Chernobyl and its nuclear legacy. Steffi Lang three poems on the 'the apparations of our knowing', the 'petal light of winter-end', and the 'cosmic hum of absence'. Karen Lloyd two poems on the strange cargo of rivers, and the oxe-eye daisy - 'the sensor of the planet's hum'. Autumn Richardson a wilderness encounter with the other-than-human. Penelope Shuttle two seasonal vignettes from Kernow, Cornwall. ZoŽ Skoulding an excerpt from an ongoing sequence based on the calendar of ten-day weeks devised by Gilbert Romme and Fabre d'…glantine during the French Revolution. John Steffler poetry and prose on snow, the sustained gaze, and the life 'underneath'. Nathaniel Tarn an elegiac hymn to birth, death, and everlasting change.

Archive work:

An excerpt on the mystery of salmon from The Lost Coast by Tim Bowling; an excerpt from the Buddhist Dhammapada; an incantation to the moon in Gaelic folklore; a song of mourning from the Haida people; three extracts from Walter K. Kelly's discourse on birds and the afterlife, the way of souls, and the island of the dead; an exploration of the constellations in Koryak mythology; a Kwakiutl prayer to the sun; Terra Nuova, an ecstatic death-dream by D.H. Lawrence; a series of hokku-inspired poems by Amy Lowell; a selection of Mesopotamian myths and prayers - Ishtar's descent into the lower world, some astrological omens, a prayer to the Moon-God, and to the River of Creation, and some charms against evil spirits; a Navaho song of the sun; the night chant - a Navaho prayer to the mythic thunder-bird; four creation myths from Polynesia; five poems on the actions of wings and winds, and the under-song of 'that ancient tone' by Lola Ridge; 'earth's oldest text' - the Sumerian 'locust charm'; an evocative story about the blind al-Satrany, the seer of darkness and light, by Mark Valentine.

Art & texts:

Seven reproductions from Die Radiolarien (Rhizopoda Radiaria), Eine Monographie, 1862, by Ernst Haeckel. A fourteen-line invocation sourced from texts within Reliquiae Volume Five.

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