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Shade Shade Shade Shade Shade Shade


Thomas A Clark

108 x 170mm

Date of publication: December 2014

Production Details:

Standard Edition

160gsm charcoal cover
130gsm wove interior
Yellow endpapers
Drawings by Laurie Clark
Edition of 60

Special Edition

'Shade' 32pp cahier-stitched pamphlet
Hand-coloured print by Laurie Clark
Signed and numbered impressum card
Edition of 12

Thomas A Clark's new long poem, Shade, begins with the following invitation:

take a chair
and carry it
into the shade

This gentle petition finds a later echo, when the poet asks us to:

come into the shade
of the word

the vowels
are sheltered
by consonants

Shade therefore asks of its reader several kinds of attention, subtly eliding the inner and outer, the physical and the imaginary, the world and the word.

Since 1973, the poet ThomasAClark and artist Laurie Clark have been making small books and cards under their own imprint Moschatel Press. The book as a place apart and the card as a standing intervention offer different possibilities for imaginative space, for a distance from the customary, or for a modest redirection of sympathy and attention.

Corbel Stone Press is honoured to publish this new work by a major contemporary writer, in a numbered edition of 72, one for each line of the poem.

Twelve of these exemplars will be reserved as a Special Edition, each of which will be accompanied by a small print specially hand-coloured by Laurie Clark, and a numbered card signed by both Laurie and Thomas A Clark.

Temporarily unavailable.