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Sustain-Release 10th Anniversary Collection



16GB USB flash drive
Engraved wooden enclosure

Each edition contains:

26 x digital albums
(44.1khz WAV format)
Hi-resolution artwork
PDF liner notes

Date of publication: January 2016

In late 2015, Corbel Stone Press released a special edition to mark the 10th anniversary of Sustain-Release, the private press label run by Richard Skelton between 2005 and 2011. It included all the work he had previously published, including such albums as 'Box of Birch, 'Crow Autumn' and 'Landings', along with a new edition of 'Marking Time' containing the new composition, 'Edge'. The collection also contained the five albums he has published since 2013 in the Archival Series ~ an ongoing collection of previously unreleased and reworked recordings.

This new edition of the 10th Anniversary Collection comprises a beautifully engraved wooden USB flash drive. All 109 recordings are presented in the original, 16bit 44.1khz uncompressed WAV format, complete with hi-resolution jpeg artwork and PDFs containing essays from Tony Herrington, Andrew Male, Steve Barker and Richard himself.

Sustain-Release, 2005-2011

SRL01 Heidika ~ There Is No Cure & Other Songs (2005)
SRL02 Carousell ~ A Dead Bridges Into Dust (2005)
SRL03 Harlassen ~ A Way Now (2006)
SRL04 Carousell ~ Landings (2006)
SRL05 A Broken Consort ~ The Shape Leaves (2006)
SRL06 Riftmusic ~ Riftmusic (2007)
SRL07 A Broken Consort ~ Box of Birch (First Edition) (2007)
SRL08 Clouwbeck ~ A Moraine (2007)
SRL09 A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn (Part One) (2007)
SRL10 Heidika ~ Tide of Bells & the Sea (2007)
SRL11 A Broken Consort ~ Box of Birch (Second Edition) (2008)
SRL12 A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn (Part Two) (2009)
SRL13 Carousell ~ Black Swallow & Other Songs (2009)
SRL14 Richard Skelton ~ Landings (2009)
SRL15 Clouwbeck ~ From Which the River Rises (2010)
SRL16 Richard Skelton ~ Marking Time (2011)
SRL17 Clouwbeck ~ Wolfrahm (2011)
SRL18 A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn (Collected) (2011)
SRL19 Various ~ Dyad (2011)
SRL20 Various ~ *Skura (2011)
SRL21 Richard Skelton ~ Rapture (Reprise) (2011)

Archival Series, 2013+

AS001 Riftmusic ~ Riftmusic (Part Two) (2013)
AS002 Richard Skelton ~ Ivystrung (2013)
AS003 Richard Skelton ~ An Ash-tree Which the Ignorant Call Holy (2013)
AS004 Richard Skelton ~ Form Themselves Into Streams (2014)
AS005 Harlassen ~ The Neckar Blues (2015)

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