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Richard Skelton

Standard Edition
Music CD

Art Edition
Clamshell box
Original signed artwork
Artwork prints
176pp book
3 x CD-R

Date of publication: December 2017

Towards A Frontier is a significant new collection of music, short films, photography and visual art by Richard Skelton. Collectively these diverse yet convergent works document his participation in Frontiers in Retreat, "a five-year collaboration project that fosters multidisciplinary dialogue on ecological questions within a European network formed around artist residencies. The project sets out to examine processes of change in particular, sensitive ecological contexts within Europe, to reflect them in relation to each other and to develop new approaches to the urgencies posed by them."

Along with the artists Kati Gausmann and Ráðhildur Ingadóttir, Richard was invited "to live and work in a unique small community where creativity is applied to everyday life in a remote rural setting of East Iceland." The artists first visited Seyšisfjöršur in the autumn of 2014, returning in the spring of 2016, and finally in the summer of 2017. During their last visit, they staged an exhibition at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art.

The Standard Edition of Towards A Frontier comprises a CD of music written and recorded in the mountains of East Iceland between 2014 and 2016. Slowly unfolding over 66 minutes, it is Richard's most ambitious composition to date, evoking the seasonal shifts of a remote and singularly compelling landscape.

In addition to the music CD, the Art Edition also includes:

— A 176-page full-colour book containing 71 photographs and 59 artwork reproductions from Richard's time in Iceland. This arresting series of images circle around the complex knot of issues raised by the Frontiers in Retreat project: the human and the other-than-human, the built and 'natural' environments, the land and the sea, and notions of dwelling, movement and stasis.

— A DVD-R and two CD-Rs containing an additional series of musical recordings and short films:

In Pursuit of the Eleventh Measure
[ Digital video (.mov file), 8 mins, 2016 ]
A short film drawing elliptical threads between Scandinavian water folklore, religion and Iceland's hydro-electricity industry. Filmed in Seyšisfjoršur and Krżsuvķk, the soundtrack is composed of various recordings from Fjaršarselsvirkjun, Seyšisfjoršur's power plant.

No Frontier
[ Digital video (.mov file), 13 mins, 2017 ]
A short film exploring the psychological effects of travel, climate change, remoteness and isolation. 'No Frontier' is a travelogue of motionless, lingering images that are ambivalent in tone and entirely devoid of human figures. The film's sense of unease is compounded by a series of captioned, first-person texts, adapted from the Poetic Edda, which essay a kind of psychological disturbance that is both deeply personal and reflective of a more widespread cultural trauma.

No Frontier
[ Music, 40mins, 2016 ]
Two extended versions of the soundtrack to No Frontier.

[ Music, 19m 54s, 2014 ]
A further addition to the Ridgelines series - musical invocations of hills, mountains and upland landscapes - Hįnefsstašafjall is a fell on the south-eastern shore of Seyšisfjöršur. Previous works in the series are Cappanawalla in The Burren, Ireland, and Black Combe in Cumbria, England.

Standard Edition
Unnumbered edition of 250

— A Towards A Frontier music CD
— A download of Hįnefsstašafjall
    (first 100 copies only)

£10 {+ shipping/handling}

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Art Edition
Signed and numbered edition of 12

— A grey clothbound clamshell box with white
    foil debossed cover
— An original signed A5 artwork from the
    Skaftfell exhibition
— A signed & numbered 176pp artist's book
— A Towards a Frontier music CD
— A DVD-R of Eleventh Measure & No Frontier
— CD-Rs of Hįnefsstašafjall & No Frontier
— 6 x A5 artwork prints

£300 {+ shipping/handling}

Sold Out.

Digital album available via Bandcamp: