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Wolf Notes Wolf Notes


Pamphlet Edition

A Richardson & R Skelton

130 x 210mm

Date of publication: May 2011

Production Details:

Letterpressed cover
Music download card
Edition of 250

In late 2008, Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton first encountered the landscape of Ulpha, in south-west Cumbria, UK. They were travelling along the Lake District's lonelier roads on route to Scotland, through the backcountry between the Irish sea and the high peaks of Great Gable and Scafell - a region of crags and scars, acres of bracken, grassland and bogs, scattered with remnants of prehistoric settlements. They returned to the area in 2009, spending four months writing and recording sense impressions of the landscape, whilst researching its natural history and toponymy.

In December 2010 Wolf Notes was published under the pseudonym *AR, in a folio edition edition of 44, each commemorating a place-name. The edition comprised a booklet of poetry, a booklet containing notes, essays and a glossary, a music CD and a small glass phial of incense.

This new edition distills the core elements of the folio edition into a 16-page pamphlet of texts, lists and poems, and a download card of the music.

by *AR

1. Inception
2. Rise
3. Decline
4. Rest
5. Return

Total Running Time: 44:30

7.99 {+ shipping/handling}

Out of print.

Wolf Notes is now reprinted in the anthology Memorious Earth.

A digital edition of the music is available via Æolian Editions.